The Milk and the Meat

Of mice and men…

That’s got nothing to do with what I’m bout to write but I’m a rapper so deal with it.

Heb 5 talked about how much better Christ was as a high priest than a man appointed during the times of Children of israel. He was sinless, obedient, YET he learned obedience by what he SUFFERED, making him well acquainted with a walk such as ours, seeing as at times our foolishness gets the best of us.

What Paul, (quite allegedly suprisingly), stated was, (paraphrase) “that we would tell you more, but it’s seems some one has to teach you again about the basics of faith.” He said they were not ready for strong meat… only milk.

Milk is for babies! Without the mothers milk they literally cannot grow, it is the only way for a newborn to get ANY nutrients or nourishment. Peter said, “o taste as see that the Lord is gracious, that ye may desire the sincere milk of the word of God.” When you begin to study for yourself, coming to God as you are, you learn about the things of God, his forgiveness, his Spirit and etc.

The issue is that, because of the church’s lack of maturity, we have strong meat issues with a milk based faith, and have not exercised our senses to discern good from evil. We are being deceived, overwhelmed, led astray, weakened, hurt in our souls because of the things that occur in our minds that require maturity to work through.

A mature saint hears God. A mature saint walks in love toward people that hate them, (oooooh please Selah on that). A mature saint can discern the time and season the entire kingdom of heaven is in. A mature saint has a thriving relationship with the Holy Spirit.

All these things are built over time by what you suffer.

You can put all the ingredients for a cake in a bowl. You can leave it, stir it, mix it, and it will never be a cake. After you put it in heat, all the wonderful chemical reactions occur and that batter becomes a cake.

You must be salted with fire. What is the use for salt that has lost its flavour?

Your firey trial looks different than mine because we have different minds, proclivities, issues, and rebellions. Saints are living in open rebellion, still shouting in the church because of milky, non-rebuking teaching.

THE SOLUTION: The power of God in your life comes about by faith! Faith is righteousness, and it is obeying God by faith that makes you righteous.

But the senses that have to be awakened to the point where you now participate in your Fathers’ business… can only come about by meat…. never milk.



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