You betta think (think)…

… think whacha tryna do to me, OOOOOOOH freedoooom (freedom) OOOOOOOOOOH…


Are you using your mind Christian?

I remember being a VORACIOUS pothead. And typical with recreational pot smokers, they tend to be… LAAAAAZYYYYYY. IDK what yall say, the majority of potheads are lazy. You don’t feel like doing much when youre high except for cooking or listening to music LOL! But back to my topic…


The Christian life is a life of revolutionized thought! ( But why tho????), glad you asked! It is because if you are not renewing your mind you will not transform… TRANSFORM… into the person that God created you to be (Rom. 12:1-2). The transformed life is one from Carnal into spiritual (Rom 8), but notice that the transformation is in… you guessed it… THE MIND!

So what’s the issue?

I propose to you dear reader that we as Christians are simply not thinking enough, (remember me saying I was a lazy pothead? Well it reflects in the thinking HABITS).

They thing about life is that life has a nasty way of assigning you a direction against where you want to go. But in that regard, you too can DICTATE to life what you choose to grow into! The reason why you haven’t gotten to destiny, or gotten the income that you want/need, or reached the level of influence necessary to get those resources is probably because you havent taken the necessary level of contemplation needed to really get those things in your life.

The type of thinking required to live in abudance is a circumspect one, (Eph. 5:20… which is a fancy word for “all-around”). You need to think… THINK… about all facets of your life. Otherwise you’ll be doomed to go with the negative flow.

What about emotional health? Mental health? Spritual health?

I think this is where my sharing gets a little more dynamic.

I find it difficult to put on a habit if it’s just something to do. It’ll last a while temporarily, but if there is no majot shift on the inside, I’m just going to go back to doing and thinking how I used to.

What I propose is an ATTITUDE ADJUSTMENT!

Instead of constantly striving to be good, and be energetic, and do research, and do your chores, and just DO everything right… what I propose is that you get a dose of what is called the “zeal of life”.

The zeal of living has to be discovered. and fleshed out in order to be deliberately harnessed and lived out of.

What makes you tick? What would you do for free forever? That’s a question you need to ask, and ask God to answer!

Me personally, I find the zeal, or joy of living to be in me being in the presence of God, and having a clear conscience between me, God, AND man. No drama Obama as they say.

And this allows you to really take the time and do those things that YOU value. Remeber the bit about me being the lazy pothead? The problem with that LAZY thinking is that it makes you settle for less… when there is so. much. MORE!

Have you ever thought about cooking???

Lifehacks? How to read quicker? How to comprehend things better? How to work photoshop? Playing an instrument? How to start a business? How to do your job better? Better adulting skills? Just some examples on goals for BETTERMENT.

All of the NATURAL, ABSTRACT, and SPIRITUAL things have to be excercised. Body, soul and spirit right? So it’s only right that you do some RESEARCH on whatever topics of not only what’s ailing you… but what also INTRESTS you… and even of where you WANT to be.


The Solution: (Pretty much a recap at this point)


Use you mind, (no matter the circumstance), on not only how you are going to get out of your mess, but how you are going to live from then on.

If we as Christians would have more thoughts in general, about our dreams, future, plans, prayer, worship, businesses… we would be able to build on the solid rock of the gospel. We’d be able to BUILD the life that God wants us to put forth EFFORT into building. But it begins in the INNER MAN!

THINK my brothers and sisters. PLEASE… THINK!



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