Strength for the fight

If you’re a battle rap fan, have you ever seen Loaded Lux vs. Calicoe?

Go watch the video, it looks like a one-sided fight… and it IS a one-sided fight!

It’s even more so in Christ.

But let’s paint the picture shall we?

Life has many mechanisms to drain the faith right out of you, and do not be confused… I am speaking on the “spiritual wickedness in high places” that impacts EVERY life, (Eph. 6:12). Not as if God wants us all to die, it is simply how this world works being in sin.

The things is, if we keep on sinning we are going to die PERMANENTLY. Thus the manifested “weapons” are being formed against the progression of our spirit, so that we lose our “grip” on eternal life, (1 Tim 6:12… look at all these 6 and 12’s going on over here).

I’m sure everyone in a point in time has faced some depression, or extreme sadness. Points in time they were grieved in their soul. The moments that try to replay in your head, just when you get the notion to get up and try again.

This is why the saints have coined the term “The War of The Mind”.

So what are the weapons your spiritual enemies using in this war?

And before you dismiss this as poppycock and humbuggery… think about it. Every action is preceded by a thought. Even the so called “thoughtless” actions had to have thought behind it, otherwise you wouldn’t do it. It might be SUB-concious, but in any case, the things that you “eat” mentally, (read, watch, dwell upon), cause you to think differently depending on its effect on your soul.

Now here’s the unfortunate part. Sin dictates your every move outside of Christ.

Whatever sin you want to commit, that’s what you’re going to do. Whatever jacked up thing comes to your mind, that’s what you will pool EFFORT, TIME, and RESEARCH into doing.

You’ll justify… anyway, anyhow to make it so it doesn’t bother your conscience to do it (1 Tim 4:2). And there is no choice in the matter on your part because you are enslaved to the sin within you (Rom.6:20).

So in the face of such stifling odds of us becoming holy while living in a dark world… with the disease called sin always trying to creep up in our soul… how do we get the strength to fight?

What do we do to live lives as victorious believers?

The Solution: God.

As always, every solution can easily point to God, but this one a little more so.

“Seeing as we have a high priest that can be touched by our infirmities…”, (Heb. 4:14), we are not without sympathy with out creator, (should really learn to call him father).

He has declared that we are his people, and that he is our God, (Jer 32:38). Therefore, we ought to be in communication with him as much as possible, seeing as the winds and waves of life have a nasty habit of robbing our most precious faith.

Secondly, God has promised to strengthen you when you get weak.

There are literally too many to name: he promised to be with you in the fire and water, he promised that he will be with you even unto to the end of the age, he promised to return strength to the weary and weak, (Is. 43:2, Matt. 28:20, Is. 40:31), and SOOOOOOO many more… you can’t go through all of them and not know that God is with you!

And most imporantly, the reason why you have strength for the fight, is because the fight is ALREADY WON!!! Jesus came down as flesh, and comdemned sin in the flesh that we might partakers of his righteousness, (Rom 8:3). The good news is that you don’t have to be beaten down by sin forever, you are now free in Christ, made free by his blood and are now partakers of grace to live lives of light.

Please understand… that this life can have you “pressed beyond measure, despairing of life.”, (2 Cor. 1:8), but if you stand on the promises of God, staying in prayer, and leaping out on the word by faith… you’ll find all those bad dreams and strange occurrences and the evil thoughts that came against you was only to make you a STRONG child of God…

and that God, the Lord Jesus Christ, will give you strength for the FIGHT!!! *RINGS THE BELL X3*



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