The Logic of Faith

faithful-logic-logical-faith-sdl171578333-1-9924fBut Captain, that is HIGHLY illogical” – Lieutenant Spock


People don’t usually think that faith is a logical thing. Many atheists claim to believe, (see what I did there?), that faith is something you MUST do BLINDLY due to lack of scientific proof. And on the other extreme there are some small-minded Christians who have this unbiblical approach to Christ where they have no thoughtfulness in their faith… and end up being too slothful to truly inherit the blessings of God, (2 Corinthians 9:6).

So what’s the deal? Why have faith?

I think to better answer this question, we have to ask another one, like a hack psychiatrist. Why is mankind so naturally faithless? Why don’t we come out the womb, praising and knowing the correct God… the God of Abraham, Issac, and Jacob, the father of the Lord Jesus Christ?

This is due to the fall of man in Adam. Adam and God were like THIS *crosses fingers together. When God said “Adam!”, Adam said “God!”. That closeness, that kind of relationship… THAT is heaven. But we know what happened next, Eve ate the apple, then he ate the apple and God was like “SMH!”… and now you’re reading this blog trying to figure out what happened.

This fall of man is no laughing matter though… it caused sin to be the prevalent force in our lives, and sin told us what to do, and how to be. Without the information from the Holy Spirit, we had no choice but to be evil continually! (Genesis 6:5 ) Out of the outrageous-ness of sin, comes all these evil works (Gal. 5), and one of them just so happen to be faithlessness.

But… didn’t God say he gave every man a measure of faith? And doesn’t the bible also say that not every man has faith?

The key to unlocking all the hidden mysteries of faith is… free-will.

God will never FORCE you to believe. He’ll test you, (believe me, faith will be tested), but you faith is between you and him… it is him offering you that closeness him and Adam HAD, and that him and Jesus HAVE. By the faith of Christ, you receive the righteousness of God and thus the liberty of ACCESS to the throne room of heaven. This concept I’ll have to expound upon in another blog, but what you need to know is that God wants you to listen in on the conversation in heaven. He wants you so curious about what he’s doing, that you want to get involved, “…that ye prove what is that good, acceptable, and perfect will of God.”

The SOLUTION: Get out of that carnal mindset infected by sin… accept God’s word by FAITH!

You cannot prove God, God proves himself.

He makes you a promise… knowing that mankind likes promises,(Heb. 6:16), and he tells you to PROVE his promises, (back to Romans 12:1-2). He knows that thoughts that he has toward you, Jer. 29:11, and the fact that he needs no counsel but his own should tell you that you are connected to a mighty God.

When you get your head wrapped around Jesus Christ being the sacrifice for sin, and that that sacrifice was so that you and God can have a relationship again, then you can begin to unlock the hidden mysteries of faith… which God never wanted to be a mystery in the first place.



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